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UR Arrest News

United Reporting Publishing Corporation (URPC) has been the leading provider of comprehensive arrest news since 1995. With publications to serve the general public (Local Crime News and Crime Voice), licensed professionals (UR Arrest News), and syndication partners (Get Arrest Logs), URPC reports on over 800,000 arrests annually. Committed to journalistic integrity, we fully comply with the California Public Records Act (govt. code section 7923.620) and when challenged, our journalistic standing was proven in the U.S. Supreme Court case United Reporting Publishing Corp. v. Lungren, (1996). We maintain quality relationships with over 350 California law enforcement agencies (CHP, PD, and SD), and are a proud allied member of the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

Our mission is to provide quality arrest news to our subscribers tailored to their specific preferences. We do this by offering broad based coverage (raw, unfiltered arrest information) as well as specialized coverage that can be tailored by crime, geographic location, gender, and ethnicity. We value that our subscribers care about accuracy in our reporting, so we utilize sophisticated address verification and duplication screening software to help reduce incorrect addresses and duplicate arrests. Lastly, we understand the importance of flexibility, so our subscription offers are month-to-month, allowing you to receive our arrest news for as few, or as many months as you want.