United Reporting Published Corporation (URPC), a leading computerized news & information company, is entrusted with and carefully safeguards the publication each day of arrest histories of consumers using Freedom of Information Requests to access public records.

Public records are maintained by Government Agencies. Obtaining access to public records has often proven problematic.

Thus, URPC has implemented investigative reporting techniques to acquire accurate redaction of arrest information on a daily basis – publishing newsletters to our subscribers. The existence of each individual’s continuously updated arrest history makes possible nearly instantaneous and objective publication of newsletters and offers to give legal, insurance & medical (drug treatment) advise during times of crisis. The daily publication of arrest histories gives consumers more choices. It makes it possible for legal, insurance and medical professionals to target their newsletters and offers so that consumers may shop for the best qualified professional services, products and terms in the privacy of their own homes. Ready access to the URPC daily publication of arrest histories assist the modern consumer economy.

Also, via syndicated news broadcasts, our crime beat coverage enhances other news services police / fire logs.

And, small town police departments get tips about locals arrested elsewhere that help families searching for emancipated minors or lost relatives.

URPC recognizes that there is a balance between the ready availability of arrest information, which benefits consumers, and improper access that can infringe on consumer expectations or privacy. Surveys have consistently shown that consumers make decisions about the privacy of their information based on practical considerations. They appreciate the benefits that they derive from our arrest reporting system and target newsletters and promotional offers, as long as those benefits are not outweighed by the potential harm caused if personal information is used improperly. Accordingly, in addition to the following Privacy Procedure, URPC has agreed to the principles developed by theIndividual Reference Services Group as they apply to our publication.

The Crime News Reporter Privacy Procedure

United Reporting Published Corporation (URPC) has adopted stringent privacy protocols to protect the confidentiality of personal arrest information published every day. All products and services are measured against these protocols. They are intended to enhance consumer trust and faith in the gathering and publishing of arrest information. URPC and all of its associates take their responsibilities seriously. The company bases its policies and operations on the highest ethical standards so that it will not breach this trust.

United Reporting Publishing Corporation will:

Recognize and respect consumer privacy concerns and expectations.

URPC recognizes that as more personal data becomes available in the marketplace through governmental action and consumer initiated transactions, consumers have a legitimate concern about how the information is used. We are mindful of and carefully consider the privacy concerns of consumers whenever our subscribers request information.

Limit access to information in URPC Daily Arrest Publications to companies and professionals that have a legally permissible purpose to receive it.

Consumer arrest information is available only to subscribers who have a permissible purpose, as described in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, California Public Records Act & Information Practices Act, and other professional codes of conduct such as the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1-400, Attorney Solicitation . Moreover, Consumer Protection Laws Justify Use Restrictions. For example, California law allows a consumer to sue any business that conducts, aids or assists in unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent business practices. See the California Business and Professions Code 17200 et seq. “Unfair Business Practices Act”. We are aware of consumer concerns about the nature and quantity of information that is disclosed. We vigorously verify how our subscribers use the information and require, to the limit of our ability, their compliance with the law.

Balance the amount of information subscribers receive with their need for the information and the consumer benefit.

We limit the type of information that we disclose to subscribers based on the balance between their needs, permissible purpose and the likely consumer benefit. Subscribers making decisions about arrest information may receive a full arrest report; subscribers who use the information for offering services or products receive a condensed report; and direct marketers receive no personal financial data.

Use the most effective security measures available to prevent unauthorized access to the Arrest Information.

We have established passwords and codes; suppressed account numbers on reports; use private, dedicated phone lines for communications; and use other security measures to prevent unlawful intrusions into the arrest information.

Maintain Unpublish Procedures that allow consumers to be removed from URPC publications.

We believe consumers should have the right to make informed decisions about the use of their personal data, including the right to be removed from subsequent publication the fact of their arrest – even if it will likely lead to the lack of news and information or offers of legal, insurance and medical assistance. Consumers have the right to choose if they want the opportunity to shop at home, evaluate competing offers for legal, insurance or medical services or receive other types of news and information in the mail. If requested by any consumer, we will notify him/her of their right to unpublish. We encourage our subscribers to do the same. We provide an email address, US Postal Box and an 800-number that consumers can use to exercise this privilege.

Assure that arrest information is accurate.

When contacted by any consumer concerning an alleged inaccuracy about that consumer, URPC, as appropriate, shall either correct any inaccuracy or inform the individual of the source of the information and, if reasonably available, where a request for correction may be directed. Report of Inaccuracy URPC commitment to publish to our subscribers reasonably accurate reproduction of information in public record information systems does not permit alteration of the substantive content of public record information.

Assure that information can only be used for legal and ethical purposes.

URPC has strict guidelines prohibiting the use of our arrest information for making offers that are offensive, pornographic, or in bad taste.

Maintain constant vigilance to assure compliance with these principles, including internal compliance audits and regular reviews of subscriber access and security procedures.

URPC uses internal compliance audits, continually reviews procedures, and monitors its publications, products and services to be responsive to consumer privacy issues. These are the principles and procedures observed by United Reporting Published Corporation to ensure the proper use of consumer arrest information and to safeguard the privacy of every individual.